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Watercolour painting – Yellow Chrysanthemums

Watercolour painting of yellow chrysanthemums in red pot by Joe Cartwright

This is a recent watercolour painting I did of Yellow Chysanthemums. I posted the full demonstration on my Painting With Watercolors website if you are interested in my painting process. The painting was done in a very loose manner taking only 45 minutes to complete. The background was placed last. The colour chosen was to […]

Watercolour Painting Gallery

His and Hers watercolour painting by Joe Cartwright

Below is a watercolour painting gallery of some of my artworks that appear on this site. You can see from the collection in the gallery that I paint a broad range of subjects. I feel any subject can lead to an interesting work of art so have never felt inclined just to focus on one area. In […]

Plein air watercolour painting easel

plein air watercolour painting easel light weight

I have recently posted an article on how I made my plein air watercolour painting easel. It is designed to be very lightweight yet still quite functional.  My previous easel was too heavy and I had to lean forward when using it which was putting too much strain on my back. My old gear consisted […]

Watercolour Painting

Venetian canal sunset watercolour painting

Watercolour painting is often considered the most difficult of mediums to work with yet at times I also feel it is the easiest. I have pondered this for a while and decided to look at the major mistakes a beginner watercolour artist often makes that would cause him, or her, to feel the medium is […]

Pen and Ink Video demonstration

Bridge Road Pen and Ink sketch

I have just made available the normal speed version (45 min) of the video below for paid download from my Painting With Watercolors website at the following link: Pen and Ink, and Brush demonstration painting of street scene. The full 45 min video and can downloaded for $9.95 US. The video gives some useful advice about painting […]