Benefits of having an artist’s online portfolio website

I have just posted an article on the benefits of an artist having an online portfolio website. I also discuss some options for creating such a website from the use of free software such as Blogger for creating a blog, through to how to make a website with free or low cost software like WordPress which has your own unique web name or url.

In this modern day it is very important for any artist who is trying to build up his or her presence in the art marketplace to have a website that reflects his work. No longer should we look at our market as just our local neighbourhood say within a 50 kilometre radius of where we live. Instead we have to think globally. The internet lets us communicate with people from all around the world. So do not be surprised when someone on the other side of it contacts you about you artwork! You need to be prepared.

If you would like to read it you can find it at : Websites for Artists

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