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Watercolour painting information particularly useful for the beginner watercolour artist.

Watercolour Painting

Venetian canal sunset watercolour painting

Watercolour painting is often considered the most difficult of mediums to work with yet at times I also feel it is the easiest. I have pondered this for a while and decided to look at the major mistakes a beginner watercolour artist often makes that would cause him, or her, to feel the medium is […]

Right attitude when watercolour painting

The first watercolour painting I did in class.

I often hear people say that watercolour painting is really difficult or that it takes years to learn. Even so I find some students can get very upset with themselves when they do not quickly start producing good work. They look at other peoples’ work and wonder why theirs hasn’t gone so well. So what […]

Most Important Watercolour Painting Ingredients

Bay of Fires watercolour painting by Joe Cartwright

So what are the two most important ingredients for watercolour painting? Well it is not the paint or pigments, its water and time! Obviously the quality of the watercolour paper, brushes and paints you use will be important to your painting success but without a thorough understanding of water and what happens to it over […]

Dry Brush Watercolour Techniques

Dry brush technique to create palm tree trunks with one brush stroke

One of the brush strokes most often missing in beginners’ watercolour paintings is the “Dry Brush Technique”. This is a shame as it can add a great deal of energy and interest to a painting. While my comments are primarily directed at watercolour artists many of the points can also apply to dry brush technique […]

Watercolour painting demonstration of boats and mist

Rising Mist boat watercolour painting

San Diego Harbour, Lifting Mist I have just loaded my latest watercolour demonstration painting. The painting is titled “Rising Mist” and is of an early morning scene on San Diego harbour with the mist rising. It is based on a photo my wife took a number of years ago as she was sailing out of […]