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Watercolour painting information particularly useful for the beginner watercolour artist.

Watercolour brushes – 10 things which will damage them

What damages watercolour brushes

I am often giving my students advice about what to do and not to do with their watercolour brushes so I thought I would see if I could create a list of 10 things which will damage a watercolour (watercolor) brush. It took a bit of thinking but here is my list which you may […]

Watercolour painting demonstration boats and water

Simple watercolour painting demonstration of boats, Pittwater, Sydney by Joe Cartwright

How to paint boats and water with watercolour paints This is my latest watercolour painting demonstration for relatively new watercolour artists. It covers various watercolour painting techniques such as wet on wet and wet on dry as well as dry brush. Subjects such as the drawing of simple boats and perspective are also covered. The […]

How to fix watercolour painting problems

Old shearing shed watercolour painting by Joe Cartwright

I have just posted a series of six articles on my Painting With Watercolors website which cover the topic of fixing or repairing a watercolour painting which you may previously have just thrown out. Most people think that a watercolour painting is very hard if not impossible to repair or fix but this is not […]

My Watercolour Painting Book

I have been overseas for the past month so my posting has been non existent during that time so I figured I had better catch up. My main news is that I have been writing a book about painting with watercolours. It is basically a manual of what I have learnt and what I teach […]

Simple Beginners Watercolour Painting

Beach Scene with dry brush watercolour technique used for waves

I have just started putting together some demonstrations and articles for beginner watercolour artists. Basically it will be like a beginners guide to watercolour and will mainly cover the topics I tackle with my students in about the first 6 weeks of class. The first demonstration uses only two colors, so the student can concentrate […]