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Painting with Watercolor

The thought of painting with watercolors often sparks fear in the eye of new artists.Too often they have been told by others, who probably have not been well taught themselves, that painting with watercolor is extremely difficult and should not be tackled by an inexperienced artist.  This just is not the case, anyone who really […]

Workshops Paintings

Have just finished running my first week long watercolor workshop of 2011. I took a photo of the collection of paintings that were done during the week. It was a lot of fun with 10 (max attendees)  students attending. In addition to the paintings the students did a number of painting exercises but I have […]

Latest update on my activities

This is just an update on what I am up to at the moment. My annual workshops are currently underway, spent the previous two weeks getting reference material prepared and printed out for the course.  Long days but enjoying it. I like teaching. I am writing a book on watercolor painting – I am currently […]

Watercolor Painting Progression Chart

Watercolor Painting Progression Chart A watercolour painting usually progresses in the following manner: Large shapes to small shapes Wet on wet to wet on dry (could also be read as from soft edges to hard edges) Light tones to dark tones Cool colours (distance) to warm colours (closer to the viewer) All four groups move […]

Watercolor Tip #9

The Importance of your Under Wash If the under wash, which is usually the first wash you put on your painting surface, is not correct tonally, your landscape painting will not work as well as it should.I usually paint my sky and ground in my first wash. At this point my painting should already look […]