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Beach sunset watercolour demonstration

Watercolour painting of sunset reflections on wet sandy beach with pebbles

Just finished uploading my latest watercolour landscape painting demonstration on my PaintingWithWatercolors website. The demonstration is of a moody sunset on a pebbly beach with strong reflections of light and figures. You can view the demonstration from the above menu or by clicking this link:¬†Atmospheric beach sunset with figures and reflections. Happy painting, Joe Cartwright […]

Watercolour painting demonstration of boats and mist

Rising Mist boat watercolour painting

San Diego Harbour, Lifting Mist I have just loaded my latest watercolour demonstration painting. The painting is titled “Rising Mist” and is of an early morning scene on San Diego harbour with the mist rising. It is based on a photo my wife took a number of years ago as she was sailing out of […]

Watercolour painting demonstration of a green valley landscape

Watercolour painting demonstration from Tamborine Mountain

Watercolour painting demonstration from Tamborine Mountain, Queensland, Australia by Joe Cartwright   Watercolour Painting Landscape Demonstration I have just posted a watercolour painting demonstration of a green valley landscape on my Painting With Watercolors website. You can view the demo by clicking this link: Watercolour landscape of a green valley Happy painting, Joe

Latest Venice watercolour painting demonstration

Watercolour painting demonstration of a Venetian sunset with Santa Maria Della Salute in the distance.

Venice sunset This is my latest Venice watercolour painting demonstration that I have just added my PaintingWithWatercolours website. The painting features the Venice Customs House and Santa Maria Della Salute in a sunset setting. I hope you find it useful.

Watercolour painting demonstration boats and water

Simple watercolour painting demonstration of boats, Pittwater, Sydney by Joe Cartwright

How to paint boats and water with watercolour paints This is my latest watercolour painting demonstration for relatively new watercolour artists. It covers various watercolour painting techniques such as wet on wet and wet on dry as well as dry brush. Subjects such as the drawing of simple boats and perspective are also covered. The […]