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Watercolour landscape painting demonstration of river and reflections

Grose River, Yarramundi,Watercolour painting demonstration

I have just finished posting my latest watercolour landscape painting demonstration on my Painting With Watercolors website. It is of the Grose River painting which I posted a little while ago. If you would like to have a look at the demo you can find it at this location: Watercolour landscape painting demonstration : river […]

Watercolour painting demonstration of a foggy and misty landscape

Watercolour painting, Wet and Misty day, Mt Hotham, Victoria

Painting rain mist and fog Mt Hotham photo by Joe Cartwright I have just posted my latest watercolor demonstration of a fog and mist filled Australian alpine landscape. You can find it at this location on my PaintingWithWatercolors website:¬†How to paint and fog and mist filled landscape. The photo above is the reference I used […]

Wet and Misty, Mt Hotham, Victoria

Painting rain mist and fog Mt Hotham photo by Joe Cartwright

This wet and misty watercolour painting is one of my recent paintings and I will be posting a demonstration of it on my Painting with Watercolors site in about one week. Mt Hotham is a ski resort town in Victoria, Australia and the day I was visiting it it was covered in mist and light […]

Simple Beginners Watercolour Painting

Beach Scene with dry brush watercolour technique used for waves

I have just started putting together some demonstrations and articles for beginner watercolour artists. Basically it will be like a beginners guide to watercolour and will mainly cover the topics I tackle with my students in about the first 6 weeks of class. The first demonstration uses only two colors, so the student can concentrate […]

Watercolour Techniques: edges, wet on wet, dry brush, etc.

The Breakaway watercolour painting by Joe Cartwright

I am currently producing a series of articles and demonstrations that will make up a Beginner’s Guide to Watercolour Painting. The Breakaway, Windsor, NSW The first in this series, which will appear under the Watercolour Techniques section of my Painting With Watercolors website, covers the subject of the different types of edges we create as […]