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Watercolour painting techniques and tips.

Dry Brush Watercolour Techniques

Dry brush technique to create palm tree trunks with one brush stroke

One of the brush strokes most often missing in beginners’ watercolour paintings is the “Dry Brush Technique”. This is a shame as it can add a great deal of energy and interest to a painting. While my comments are primarily directed at watercolour artists many of the points can also apply to dry brush technique […]

How to fix watercolour painting problems

Old shearing shed watercolour painting by Joe Cartwright

I have just posted a series of six articles on my Painting With Watercolors website which cover the topic of fixing or repairing a watercolour painting which you may previously have just thrown out. Most people think that a watercolour painting is very hard if not impossible to repair or fix but this is not […]

Watercolour Techniques: edges, wet on wet, dry brush, etc.

The Breakaway watercolour painting by Joe Cartwright

I am currently producing a series of articles and demonstrations that will make up a Beginner’s Guide to Watercolour Painting. The Breakaway, Windsor, NSW The first in this series, which will appear under the Watercolour Techniques section of my Painting With Watercolors website, covers the subject of the different types of edges we create as […]

Reflections and Shadows when Painting with Watercolours

Boats and reflections, Mevagissy,Cornwall, UK photo by Joe Cartwright

I have just posted an article on my Painting With Watercolors web site covering the topic of shadows and reflections with watercolor. It is not meant to be an exhaustive article but more one that covers some point I have found students often have difficulty with their watercolour painting of these subjects. I have just […]