Plein Air Painting with Watercolor Darook Park

I went out painting with a group of friends from the Oatley 101 Society recently and thought I would post some of the photos and one of the paintings I did that morning.

The location was Darook Park in Cronulla, a beautiful coastal suburb of Sydney.

Here is the first location we visited, I got there at about 7am as I like to paint early morning light. I also like to get at least one painting done before it gets too hot and painting becomes even more of a challenge!

Location of my first painting

There was a nice atmospheric haze in the distance that attracted me to this scene.

The sky was a bit overcast at the time which I did not mind as it gave the scene a quite calm. Here is the painting I did:

Early Morning Darook Park
One of my friends kindly took a painting of me while painting so here it is with my plein air painting kit:
Me and my plein air painting kit
All my gear fits in a backpack except for the tripod. I use a modified wooden case to store brushes, palette, paper, backing board, paints etc. Will post the details of it some time in the future. I have an even more compact kit that I take overseas and in that everything including tripod and folding stool all fit in the backpack.
After I finished this painting we moved off to another location but I spent so much time taking photos of the area and chatting that I did not get to finish the second painting.  Here are a couple more photos of the area and group I was with.
Fisheries Station at Darook Park. The sun was out by this time.
Members of the Oatley 101 group

Me again
It is always fun to get out of the studio and paint while outdoors for a while and this was a particularly good day with nice weather, beautiful location and great people.
Happy painting,
Joe Cartwright