If you are looking for an easy way to put some of your paintings onto the internet and maybe make some money as well there is an Australian website called RedBubble you should look at.

RedBubble started in 2006 and allows you, the artist, to post your work on their website for others to look at. If people are interested, and so are you, then you are able to sell copies of your paintings in various formats, anywhere from postcard to poster size depending on the resolution of your digital images. You can also create calendars which feature your work.

The website also allows others to comment on your work which can provide valuable feedback.

While I have found the income is quite small it does give you a free online presence if you would like to get started with an online gallery but not sure how to begin.

This experience could lead you to having your own website sometime in the future.

The sites web address is You can see my RedBubble page at:

Should you have any questions please let me know.


Joe Cartwright