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Right attitude when watercolour painting

The first watercolour painting I did in class.

I often hear people say that watercolour painting is really difficult or that it takes years to learn. Even so I find some students can get very upset with themselves when they do not quickly start producing good work. They look at other peoples’ work and wonder why theirs hasn’t gone so well. So what […]

Watercolour brushes – 10 things which will damage them

What damages watercolour brushes

I am often giving my students advice about what to do and not to do with their watercolour brushes so I thought I would see if I could create a list of 10 things which will damage a watercolour (watercolor) brush. It took a bit of thinking but here is my list which you may […]

Simple Beginners Watercolour Painting

Beach Scene with dry brush watercolour technique used for waves

I have just started putting together some demonstrations and articles for beginner watercolour artists. Basically it will be like a beginners guide to watercolour and will mainly cover the topics I tackle with my students in about the first 6 weeks of class. The first demonstration uses only two colors, so the student can concentrate […]

Watercolour Techniques: edges, wet on wet, dry brush, etc.

The Breakaway watercolour painting by Joe Cartwright

I am currently producing a series of articles and demonstrations that will make up a Beginner’s Guide to Watercolour Painting. The Breakaway, Windsor, NSW The first in this series, which will appear under the Watercolour Techniques section of my Painting With Watercolors website, covers the subject of the different types of edges we create as […]

How to Paint Eucalyptus Trees in Watercolour

How to paint gum trees watercolour demonstration by Joe Cartwright

Hi Folks, I have just finished my demonstration on how to paint gum trees with watercolour.  In Australia you can’t paint landscapes without knowing how to paint eucalyptus trees.  We have many different types but I have settled on a light barked tree as they can be very impressive when done well. My demo isn’t […]